Site Mission

Mission of the site is seen by its authors as maintenance of an easy access to knowledge.

We select and shoot as far as possible the best educational video which is accessible for sew shootings: the Nobel prize winner, the Minister of Education, the prime minister and other economists from the best Russian and foreign research organizations and universities are may be already seen at our shoots.

For work efficiency and quality special technology has been developed which allows us to mount our video recordings quickly (within several hours after shooting) and with the minimum expenses.

We invite everyone to whom it may concern and who shares our mission:

  • universities or the academic platforms, which are engaged in carrying out scientific seminars, to record separate events/courses/conferences or independent film crews creation;
  • lecturers to record public lectures or entire courses.
On all possible questions one may contact to us via address:

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Оценка отдачи от дополнительного профессионального обучения российских работников: подход с учетом влияния способностей на заработную плату